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Sheet Metal

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Trumpf CNC sheet fabricators with load-unload automation

Trumpf CNC high precision brake presses

Mechanical brake presses and conventional stamping capabilities

4-12 foot long blanking and roll form capability with automation for production programs

24 gauge through 3/16 capable

From simple to complex, we have the experience and machinery

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Leedy’s roots are formed in making things from metal; we have been doing that for 60 years.  One of those roots was always cutting and bending metal. But in the last several years we have upgraded our capacity and our machinery with state of the art Trumpf  CNC fabricators and CNC high precision brake presses.

The best way to compete is to stay ahead, and we are doing just that! Not only do we have the precision fabrication capability, but we can also utilize our conventional brake presses, stamping presses and our roll formers. 

We are diverse; it is one of our strengths. From a drawing to a delivered part, we stay ahead.

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